First Irish Supercomputer List Released

The first Irish Supercomputer List was released on Nov 27. Top of the list is Fionn, a brand new installation from the Irish Centre for High-End Computing, mentioned recently in our news items here at the Irish Supercomputer List. Fionn’s 140 TFlop/s performance also earned it a spot on the global Top500 Supercomputer List. Just behind Fionn is a private industry machine (anonymously submitted) with 128 TFlop/s, also a new Top500 entrant. Also featuring on the list are a number of former Top500 finishers.

All-in-all there are 15 machines represented from industry, academia and government/research institutions, collectively weighing in at 589 TFlop/s, more than half-way to 1 PFlop/s, and (if combined) enough to place at #54 in the world!

Ireland has been significantly upping its game in Supercomputing lately, and here is how Ireland ranks globally:

  • Astonishingly, Ireland is world number 5 in number of Top500 supercomputers per capita, behind only the United States, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden! (see graphic below)
  • Ireland has more Top500 computing power (Rmax) than: Taiwan, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria
  • Ireland has the same number of Top500 machines (system count) as: Spain, Poland, Hong Kong, Finland and Israel

per capita Nov 2013* Data from except population numbers from Wikipedia

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