List #7 – Three years of the Irish Supercomputer List

The Irish Supercomputer List is celebrating three years this month.  List #7 (November 2016) shows no change since the massive changes last June (List #6) where there were six new machines, with three in the Top500, and a doubling of the Irish HPC aggregate performance. This is the second iteration of the ISL where there has been no change, the first being list #4 in July 2015. Thus is life on a small island sometimes. Nonetheless, in three years, the Irish Supercomputer List has grown from 13 machines to the present 27, plus 7 machines that have been decommissioned. Total list performance has almost trebled from 587.9 TFlops/s to 1.46 PFlops/s. We have seen 7 Top500 machines in Ireland in the past three years, including the current Top500 Irish machine, at number 469, a 14,568 core HP clocking in at 365.9 Tflops/s. Ireland has also ranked high in terms of Top500 machines per capita (thanks to a low population) having placed #5 in June 2014 and #2 in the world in June 2016. For more stats on the first three years of the Irish Supercomputer List see our stats page here.

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