8th Irish Supercomputer List: Irish HPC capacity more than doubles again

The 8th Irish Supercomputer List was released today, featuring two new Top500-class machines. The new entrants, from an undisclosed software company, feature at spots 196 and 197 on the 49th Top500 Supercomputer List, each with a Linpack Rmax of 819.16 TFlop/s. This more than doubles the Irish HPC capacity, up from 1.46 PFlop/s to 3.01 Pflop/s. The software company that owns the machines, known as “Software Company M” on the Top500 list, occupies 6 of the 7 top ranks (1-5 & 7) on the current Irish list. All six are HP Cluster Platform family installations. These are the 2nd and 3rd highest Irish Top500 rankings of all time, the top Irish Top500 performer being Stokes, the ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing) machine which was ranked 117 on the Top500 in November 2008. Stokes also holds the Irish Top500 longevity record, ranking on four consecutive Top500 lists, with a performance of  25.11 Tflop/s. This is 3.1% of the Rmax performance of the new machines. The current number 6 machine is Fionn, maintained by ICHEC, with a performance of 140.4 Tflop/s.

Ireland has ranked on the Top500 list 29 times over a history of 23 years with a total of 18 machines. Over half of these machines (11) and rankings (18) have been in the last 6 years, representing Ireland’s increasing pace of HPC investment. Below is a chart of Ireland’s history on the Top500 list (click for page with high res link).

Some stats from the new list:

  • Total machines: 28 (2 new, 1 decomissioned)
  • Total CPU Cores > 163,000
  • Total accelerator cores > 106,000
  • Combined performance: >3.01 PFlop/s.


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