9th Irish Supercomputer List: Ireland #1 in Top500 Supercomputers per capita

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The 9th Irish Supercomputer List was released today featuring two new world-class supercomputers. This is the first time that Ireland has four computers ranked on the Top500 list of the fastest supercomputers on Earth. Ireland is now ranked number one globally in terms of number of Top-500 supercomputers per capita (stats here). In terms of performance per capita, Ireland is ranked 4th globally (stats here). These new supercomputers boost the Irish High Performance Computing capacity by nearly one third, up from 3.01 to 4.42 Pflop/s. Ireland has ranked on the Top500 list 33 times over a history of 23 years with a total of 20 supercomputers (full history here). Over half of these rankings (19) and supercomputers (12) have been in the last 6 years, representing Ireland’s increasing pace of High Performance Computing investment. The new entrants, from two undisclosed software and web services companies, feature at spots 423 and 454 on the 50th Top500 Supercomputer List, with Linpack Rmax scores of 635 and 603 TFlop/s respectively.

Not considering Ireland’s admittedly low population (which does help the above rankings), Ireland still ranks admiraly. In terms of Top500 installations, Ireland ranks 9th place globally, tied with Australia, India and Saudi Arabia, and 18th in the world in terms of supercomputing performance.

The Irish Supercomputer List now ranks 30 machines (2 new, 1 upgraded), with a total of more than 207,000 CPU cores and over 106,000 accelerator cores.

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