Q: When is the Irish Supercomputer List released?

A: The Irish Supercomputer List is released twice annually, in the end of July and end of November. These dates are immediately after the release of the Top500 list, at the International Supercomputing Conference (June) and the Supercomputing Conference (November). For more, please see our call for participation

Q: How do I/we submit our system to the Irish Supercomputer List?

A: Please see our submissions page, and certainly feel free to contact us directly!

Q: I would like to submit a system but am concerned about privacy and/or anonymity…

A: Please see our section on privacy and anonymity and feel free to contact us!

Q: I would like to submit a system but I am not sure about running the Linpack benchmark, estimating performance, and/or am concerned about something specific about the nature of my particular system…

A: Please contact us!

 Q: What’s are Flop/s and TFlop/s?

A: Flop/s are FLoating-point Operations Per Second. Computational performance is often measured in Flop/s. A TFlop/s is a TeraFlop/s, or 1,000,000,000,000 Flop/s (one trillion operations per second). For more, see this link.